We are a boutique builder, specialising in the South of Sydney. If you are considering buying a new house, or building one on a plot of land - you've come to the right place.

We take pride in our work - and believe our clients are our biggest brand ambassadors. At Croft Land Homes, we measure our success in the smiles we get to put on people's faces.

As a concern of South Pacific Developers, we have the capability to deliver a large number of projects on time, but our mandate in Croft Land Homes is to create a success story, one smile at a time.

Please let us know if you'd like to meet for a cup of coffee to discuss your plans for your future home.

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Croft Land Homes is a project of South Pacific Developers. This was created as a separate entity with a very specific target in mind. While we are accustomed to building a variety of designs of houses, Croft Land Homes started its journey with the sole purpose of creating homes.

We work very closely with our clients because we understand that it needs more than brick and mortar to breathe life into a structure. Most of our clients are first home buyers, and the purchase of the home is usually the single biggest expense they have made in their lives. At Croft Land Homes, we understand that, and empathise with our clients. We work exhaustively with our clients and try to get them as close to an architecture designed bespoke home as possible, while staying within the pricing range of a regular build.

In order to deliver a competitively priced house, we build on our own land. This sets us apart from most other home and land packages - we sell you both the home and the land it is built on. And as a result, we are able to provide you with a very competitive price. We are the single biggest buyer of land from Stockland in the Leppington area, and we are often able to source plots of land at preferential rates.

With over 30 years of experience in the Australian real-estate sector, we would like to help you move into a home that you'd be proud to call your own. Our designs are created to take into account a variety of factors - from narrow blocks, slopes, corner plots and many more. Each design is created to ensure that the plot of land is fully utilised, and that the resulting house has great street presence. We use good quality materials, and our expert craftsmanship is second to none.

We are confident that you'll find a design to suit your purposes. Our inclusions allow you to customise the house, to suit your needs. At Croft Land Homes, we intentionally inculcated a small-firm mentality, in order to be agile and responsive to individual customer needs. If you do not see a design that fits your purpose - give us a call. We'll sit down and listen to you, and then figure out how to create the perfect home for you.


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